Cleanings, Gum therapy and Maintenance

Dental Cleanings – Prophylaxis

As defined in any medical dictionary, the word prophylaxis refers to the actions that are taken for prevention of disease.
The purpose for what is known as a “regular cleaning” is to prevent gingival infection and the loss of gum attachment to the tooth, leading to tooth loss – this happens as periodontal disease progresses

Gum Therapy for Periodontal Disease

The term therapy, on the other hand, most commonly refers to treatment that is aimed at healing an existing disease or condition.
Periodontal therapy consists of using our specialized dental instrumentation to remove the bacteria that has accumulated underneath the gums, that is applied in the presence of diagnosed gum disease.


After gum tissue health has been attained, it is up to your daily at-home practice of dental care to keep the teeth and gums free from new or recurrent bacterial presence.
Our dedicated team of dental hygienists will be able to assess your needs and create an at-home care plan designed for you! This includes making recommendations on toothbrushes, toothpastes, or floss for specific conditions to make it easy for you to achieve maximum oral health. Although all our patient’s receive a toothbrush kit with these aids after each cleaning appointment, sometimes, patients with periodontal disease require some special aids to help with their at home care.

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