Decreasing Dental Fear with STA, Nitrus oxide, KAVO handpiece and behavioral modification therapy

Dental fear and anxiety refer to the fear of receiving dental care and can range from being nervous in the dental chair to avoidance of the dental office all together, the latter more appropriately termed dental phobia. The most recent statistics estimate that more than 75% of the U.S. population experiences some degree of mild to severe fear of dental procedures, with approximately 10% of these individuals avoiding their dental visits until they experience a dental emergency such as a dental abscess or toothache. This unknowing fear and anxiety can be caused by several different factors such traumatic, difficult, or painful dental experiences or from hearing about such experiences.

At Spectrum Dentistry, our doctors are trained to treat patients with dental fear through a combination of behavioral and pharmacological skills and strategies to help them learn how to manage and alleviate fears associated with dental treatment. In addition, we have other sedative dentistry options available to our patients along with the use of the latest technology known to eliminate the pain associated with dental procedures and anesthetics.

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