Crown Restorations

A crown restoration is a covering that encapsulates the entire tooth and restores it to its original shape and size. The purpose of this is to regain function on a tooth that cannot be successfully restored with fillings or other types of restorations.

Reasons for Crowns:

  • Root canal treated teeth
  • Decay on teeth with large fillings without much natural tooth structure
  • Broken or fractured teeth (above the gum line)
  • Cosmetic enhancement

Preparation of Crown:

This procedure usually requires two appointments due to the laboratory made crown restoration. The first visit involves “preparing” the tooth for a mold to be taken and used to create a custom crown. Then a custom temporary crown will be made to preserve the tooth.
The second appointment consists of removing the temporary crown and making sure that the permanent crown is a perfect fit, ensuring the bite and spacing is accurate, confirmed with an X-ray.
Home care instructions are regular dental visits are encouraged to check and monitor the condition of your new crown.

Appointment Book

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