Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

This specialty branch of dentistry consists of advanced training and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment planning of various head and neck injuries as well as localized and generalized conditions.

  • Complicated wisdom tooth extractions
  • TMJ, Facial Pain, and Facial Reconstruction
  • Misaligned jaws
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Oral cancers, tumors, cysts, and biopsies
  • Facial cosmetic surgery

Bone Grafing

The process using bone grafting is used to regain height, depth, and width of the jawbone at a previous extraction site or site of severe bone loss.
Overall, bone grafting is very successful in most cases where the body accepts the bone material. This procedure increases the height or width of needed sites that require bone in order to fill in holes after tooth extractions as well as defects in the bone.

The level of bone is affected by several factors, including:

  • Periodontal Disease: Chronic and progressive gum infection leads to premature bone loss and subsequent tooth loss
  • Tooth Extraction: At the time of tooth extraction, a minimum of 50% bone height is lost due to the fact that the tooth socket does not fill in completely with new bone. This results in the sides of the sockets collapsing into the hole, thus lowering the overall height of bone.
  • Dental Trauma: Injuries such as a traumatic accident can cause destruction and improper functioning of the cells responsible for the bone in the jawbone.

The positive impact that bone grafting can have on the health and stability of the teeth include:

  • Stabilizing the position of the teeth and jaw to conserve the foundation for any dental work to replace missing teeth or tooth supporting structures
  • Additionally, bone grafting may be used for correcting facial deformities as part of congenital or traumatic incidents.
  • Safeguarding the remaining bone from recession following a tooth extraction, destruction from gum disease, or other traumatic or infectious processes.

Advantages of Bone Grafting

  • Overall less bone loss by the time an extraction site has healed, this makes for more options as far as tooth replacement is concerned. Implants, bridges, or partial dentures will fit more closely to having your own natural tooth.
  • If the bone is healthy and free of infection, it is ideal to place the graft at the time of extraction due to the fact that the blood supply is greatest, leading to a more favorable tissue healing environments, which results in the most favorable outcome.

Bone Grafting Candidacy

Each patient needs to be thoroughly examined by one of our dentists to regarding the affected area in order to assess the general condition off the gums, teeth, and remaining bone to determine if a patient is eligible to receive bone grafting as part of their treatment process. For example, a patient with chronic, active periodontal disease with subsequent bone loss will have to have these factors addressed and treated before continuing with the bone grafting.
Additionally, our dentists may also need further diagnostic tools such as a panoramic X-ray or CAT scan to precisely determine the depth and width of the existing bone. These diagnostic tools are used to prevent having to undergo an exploriority surgery, requiring an incision at a site, and then determining there is not enough bone to move forward with the procedure.

Types of Bone Graft Material

There are various types of bone graft material. Our office utilizes only Allograft bone graft, specifically from cadaver bone. Studies have shown over a 98% success rate when using allograft bone with other bones not of autogenous nature (taken from one’s own body). Tooth replacement with allograft bone is very successful and we are pleased to say we have a 100% success rate with all our restorative cases using implant dentistry!

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